Veteran`s Health Alliance of Long Island
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Programs and Services

Mental Health Association of Nassau County Services and Programs 2016



·       Gathering Place PROS – Day program focusing on Personalized Recovery Oriented Services, where adults with mental Illnesses actively participate in skill development toward employment, housing, education, wellness self-management and improving their health while working toward community integration.

·        Financial Management - Helping those living with Mental Illness regain their financial independence.  Currently serving over 400 consumers monthly.

·       Consumer Link - A peer support, advocacy and outreach program that is fully staffed by current and former recipients of mental health services.  Our mission is to advocate, empower, educate and provide services supporting the rights and recovery of people impacted by psychiatric diagnoses.

·       Medicaid Service Coordination – Assists adults with developmental disabilities to develop life goals, make informed choices and achieve self-reliance and community inclusion.

·       Vet2Vet – Support and  networking group that meets weekly for Nassau County Veterans.


·       504-HELP -  Telephone support services from 9am to 6pm every day of the year.  Master’s level professionals help people to access services, while providing supportive counseling and crisis intervention as needed.

·       Compeer Program – Matches consumers with volunteer mentors to work towards recovery.

·       Adult Family Support – Weekly support groups for adult family members and friends of consumers living with mental illnesses.  Private consultations are also available.


·       Public Policy – We advocate for individuals living with mental illness, in an attempt to improve service delivery, modify laws and help people in their recovery.

·       Children’s Transitional Planning Task Force –  A group of parents and professionals who work together to ensure that children with serious emotional disabilities have access to appropriate transition activities as they exit high school and begin their adult life.  The taskforce is also working on issues concerning young adults ages 18 to 25.

·       Children’s Advocacy Committee – A grassroots group comprising parents and professionals who are dedicated to the recognition of children’s mental health; timely access to comprehensive, quality services and equity in treatment.

·       Geriatric Mental Health Alliance – Works to advocate for the changes needed to meet the mental health needs of the growing senior population in Nassau County.  It is a broad-based group of professionals, advocates, government workers and  academics.

·       Community Outreach and Education – Provides information and educational materials to increase the public awareness about mental health issues and community-based resources.


·       Cushman House, Garvey House, Walden House – Homes for adults who have mental illnesses, providing the needed supports to focus on recovery.  These homes have around-the-clock supervision, and staff assists with teaching activities of daily living skills.

·       The Dales – Apartment programs that provide the next step in mental health residential housing.  Staff visits residents 2-3 times weekly to support their recovery.

·       Supported Housing - Provides an opportunity for people living with a mental illness to live on their own.  Housing programs include:

* Hofstein House - a 24 unit apartment building.

* Independent Apartment Program - 43 consumers living in scattered site apartments.

* A Home At Last – 9 scattered site apartments for individuals and families with a history of mental illness and homelessness
* A Home At Last 2 – Single site housing for 6 individuals with a history of mental illness and homelessness

·       Health Home Care Coordination (Formerly known as Case Management) – For at-risk adults: provides someone to help navigate the mental health system and link them to needed services and supports in the areas of health, financial entitlements, housing, educational and vocational needs.


·       Crisis Respite for Families – We provide an out of home residential stay for children in need of some time apart from their family.  Families benefit from a short respite.

·       The Terrace – A housing program for 10 children who have autism to live in a family-like setting with behavioral interventions and staff support.

·       Titus – A housing program that teaches life skills to 6 young adults with autism.              

·       Hospital Discharge Coordination - Coordinates all children’s psychiatric discharges from Nassau County Hospitals to ensure comprehensive community linkages and supports.


·       Education and Training for Mental Health Professionals – Serves as Nassau County’s mental health university;  dedicated to providing education, information and skills’ training that is reflective of the changing needs of professionals, advocates, government workers and academics.  We currently serve over 1400 behavioral health professionals in Nassau and Suffolk County.

·       The Players – Volunteer theater troupe that uses vignettes and performances to help eliminate the stigma of Mental Illness.