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The Terrace
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The Terrace

Community-Based Residential Services for Children

The Terrace

The Terrace is a specialized residential facility designed for children with autism and autistic-like behaviors.  It provides a structured and supervised living experience in an attractive home-like setting for young people ages 8-18 that are diagnosed with psychiatric or developmental disabilities.  Upon admission, young residents can remain in our group home until they transition on to an adult program.

The Terrace is certified by the New York State Office of Mental Retardation and Development Disabilities.


  • A resident of Nassau or Suffolk County
  • Aged 8 – 12 at the time of admission
  • A primary diagnosis of autism or autistic-like behavior
  • Meets state required functional levels
  • Not harmful to self or others


All services at The Terrace are Medicaid funded at no cost to the families.  Upon admission to The Terrace, our program assists families with Medicaid applications and eligibility.   Parents are encouraged to contribute according to their means.

Our Goals 

  • To provide a residential environment where children can benefit from a group home in a community setting
  • To maintain an active and dynamic atmosphere where each child can grow and develop with a goal of maximizing his or her potential toward ultimate functioning

How We Accomplish Our Goals

Children receive a full range of residential services with emphasis placed on skills training, including self-care, daily living, leisure and community skills.  To realize these goals we provide the following:

  • A safe setting that does not over or under stimulate the children.
  • An environment that encourages freedom of movement and independence.
  • Clear expectations with a predictable and organized daily routine.
  • Flexibility within the structure to ensure that program modifications can be promptly implemented as a child’s needs change.
  • Well-defined boundaries which identify what each child is permitted or able to do.
  • Active parent participation in their child’s life.


  • Residential care in a 24-hour staff supervised facility.
  • Habilitation training.
  • Behavior management program.
  • Management of personal funds.
  • Professional services including psychological, social work, nursing, speech, nutritional, medical and psychiatric consultation and coordination.
  • Professional advocacy and counseling for children and their families.
  • Coordination with school and day programs.

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