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Teen Depression


Everyone has times when they feel blue and may say, “I'm depressed.”  But when these feelings of being down persist for weeks at a time and interfere with a person's ability to enjoy life, this may be a sign of a medical condition called 'clinical depression.'  To learn more about depression, click here.

Sometimes, when depression is very fixed in a person's mind, he or she has thoughts about ending his/her life.  As bad as one feels at the moment, help is available to ease the pain and begin to feel better again.  The important thing is to reach out and talk to someone who understands depression and how it can be treated.   If you had a broken leg, you wouldn't hesitate to see a doctor to set the leg and ease the pain. The same is true for a mental illness.   It is critical to reach out today to a school counselor, a family member or some other adult who you trust to assist you in getting the help that you need.  To talk to someone about your need, you can call 504-HELP (4357) at the MHA.