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What a Difference a Friend Makes

What a Difference a Friend Makes

One in five people experience a mental illness, and one in ten face a chemical dependency problem in any given year.  Many people struggle with both these issues, which are then called co-occurring disorders.

Given the impact of these statistics, Nassau’s first collaborative public awareness initiative for recovery both from mental illnesses and substance abuse has launched, sponsored by the Nassau County Department of Mental Health, Chemical Dependency and Developmental Disabilities Services:

The local What a Difference a Friend Makes campaign supplies everyday tools to support friends living with mental illnesses in the recovery process and encourages young people to seek help for themselves and friends who may have an emotional problem that is too big to handle alone;.

A key collaborative goal of community leaders in both the mental health and chemical dependency arenas is to deliver the right resources to the people who need them most – those who have co-occurring mental and substance use disorders, and their loved ones. For more information on What a Difference a Friend Makes or to talk with a mental health professional, call 516.504.HELP (4357).

For helpful ideas on how you can become the difference a friend makes, watch our public service video  and listen to the radio announcement.

For the Brochure Click here                                         
For the Spanish Version Click here