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Volunteers and Internships

We value and rely upon your volunteer support.  The donation of your time helps to keep our agency vital and has a profound impact not only on the lives of those we serve, but also on our community as a whole.

The following are volunteer opportunities available through the MHA:

1. Internships and Volunteer Opportunities (Unpaid)

Students seeking a work experience in the mental health field may find a meaningful experience in one of our programs or services.  Availability of internships is dependent on the availability of supervisors. 

To view the opportunities available at our agency please click here and download our flyer.
Please download our Intern and Volunteer Application and e-mail the completed document to

2. Compeer Program

A Compeer is an adult who volunteers to spend time each week with a person recovering from a psychiatric disability who is living in the community.  The friendship that develops becomes important to both the Compeer and the adult he or she is meeting with. 

For further information about the Compeer Program: Click Here 
Or please contact the Compeer Coordinator at:
Phone:  516-489-2322, ext. 1260

3.  The Players

The Players is an improvisational theater troupe performs vignettes that show audiences what it's like to live with a psychiatric disability, how the illness itself, the lack of support services and public attitudes impact on individuals with mental illnesses and those around them.

The cast remains in character and responds to questions after each performance while a skilled mental health facilitator moderates the discussion.  The Players perform at no cost, however, a suggested donation of $50 is gladly accepted to perform at PTAs, schools, religious groups and civic and community organizations.

Become a Player

If you like to act and are comfortable with improvisation, please volunteer your time and talents to promote awareness and understanding of people with psychiatric disabilities.  Join The Players and experience the thrill of audience response and the gratification of participating in a truly meaningful program.

Performances are scheduled by appointment, both day and evening. 

For further information please contact The Players Coordinator
Phone:  516-489-2322, ext. 1251